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Respected persons,

    Many persons thought were we are in developed. It’s wrong. Truth is we are near to underworld (like Hell).

    I mean every person was born in world and also must dies sometime. Like that, world has also death nearly. Once upon a time, world had end. Now, our world will get end soon. It is prophecy. Of course, some persons told prophecy like 2012, 2060, 2100. There is no true. World ending not belongs to mind imaginations. It’s concerned to god decision. God only know that day of ending. But, he gave some secrets clues in ancient for find that period only. This world is in a struggle between God and Evil.

    I am telling the hidden codes of world prophecy (ancient).
Some proofs are:
'666' symbol stamped in the right hand and in the forehead of his followers and who has the mark or the name of the beast or number of his name. In '666', 6 is the no. of imperfection and the triple total imperfection in his religions, political and social dimensions, symbolizing the climax of man's failure and wickedness. 7 is the no. of perfection in the bible, seven days of world creation, 7 days a week, '6' does not reach perfection and 8 is the super perfection. 6 is often used as the symbolic no. of imperfection of humankind (two arms, two legs, one head, one body).

 C -       3 * 6 = 18
 O -     15 * 6 = 90
 M -     13 * 6 = 78
 P -     16 * 6 = 96
 U -     21 * 6 = 126
 T -     20 * 6 = 120
 E -       5 * 6 = 30
 R -     18 * 6 = 108
111* 6 = 666-Don’t believe it. [1+1+1=3x6=18 (6+6+6=18)]
             666 is the anti-Christ (The evil son)
For example, think seriously
            Evil spirits are in world technology-COMPUTER
            It computes to sinners for hell.

II. The previous world ending is 311300 B.C with flood in Ancient.
     According to some ancient prophecies, the Anti-Christ (son of evil)
      Will appear in future. The perfect time 70 weeks of Daniel prophet for 
      world ending. He is the ancient prophet. 69 weeks are complete with 
      death of Christ (jesus). Balance 1 week is in 70 week prophecy.
      One day is equal to one year in 7 days (1 week) in prophecy codes.
      That one day is one year is also years like 1111111.
      That means 1 day (1 year) is 290 years in prophecies.
      7 days x 290 years = 2030    (290 = 2+9+0=11=1+1=2 (Evil + Anti-Christ)

III. Ancient, world ending is 3 1 1 3 0 0  B.C

                     (3-1) (1-1) (1-3) (3-0)

                         2        0      2      3     =2023 + 7 = 2030

There, 7 is 7 days (1week) for anti-christ appear in middle east countries in future.

2013, 2023, 2030 are special years for world problems in destiny.

Death is near to world with fire.       

Who is believe to jesus, he will go heave.
Who is believe to religions, he will go to hell. Because, jesus the way to heaven. I am not telling about religions. If you think, this is religion publicity. Don’t worry about it. These types of publicities are not come after you went to hell. Hell is very terrific. Evil (Satan) wants to people in hell.
    Faults will give tears,
    Sins will give death with blood. So, live as a good man. Don’t live as a sinner. Hell is waiting for sinners. Judgment is also near.  It is responsible of yours. Any how, my blessings are always for you children.



The Whole World Lies

"The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one, and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons ". From the beginning Satan has been deceiving humanity.  In the garden he convinced Eve that "ye shall be as gods". Don't you find it interesting that to be divine "as God" is a common thread among many religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism. Satan and his servants will masquerade as ministers of righteousness. Satan's hoisting of false religions has been a very effective lie since it mixes in some truth.  A lie mixed in with truth is much like rat poison, which contains 99% good food and 1% poison - its that 1% of poison (or lie) that will kill you!
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;  Since God will not force anyone to love Him, His Holy nature leaves no other choice but to separate the unrepentant from Him forever to suffer eternal punishment in hell.  This may seem harsh and intolerant, but without judgment and punishment God could not remain true to His Holy and Righteous character.
"Salvation is found in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."  Jesus himself said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
But fortunately the story doesn't stop there, as the Bible tells us of God's wonderful plan for our redemption, that by confessing our sins before God, we will be forgiven and our sin debt will be wiped away through the shedding of his Son's innocent blood at Calvary! It is a gift of such magnitude that it can not be comprehended, for it is neither earned or deserved. It is testimony to the grace of a righteous and holy God who is also incredibly loving and compassionate, who died "while we were still sinners".  How many people do you know would lay their life on the line for someone who has persecuted and hated them for years?
This is the struggle between Satan and God(Jesus). It is the historical truth. Christianity is not a religion. The other religions of the world have been an effective tool of Satan in his quest to blind us of our need for a Savior. "The god of this age [Satan] has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
Don’t be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral,
nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male   
prostitutes, nor homosexuals, nor thieves,
nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor slanderers,
nor extortioners, will inherit the Kingdom of

“Who is doing faults, he will get tears.
  Who will do sins; he will give blood with death”.
World ending is in 2030 my dear readers. For proof send your mail to my mail Life is very valuable or see ( and also (

Wanted God Dead Or Alive......


    Read carefully and understand it wisely.
    One day my friend told me “Do you believe god?”. I said ‘Why ask to this question. Are you alright? Then

Friend: Why, god punishing to people?
Me: Why, god helping to people?
Friend: If I pray to other god, I would get happiness
Me: If that god can’t help you?
Friend: Other god, I mean which god can help me, I will pray him.
Me: So, selfness is there. Not understanding is there. But one thing, do you
        love your family?

    No answer from him. My friend is in confusion. His thought was ‘why he asks this type of question’. Silence is there also. Reason is one, when human person feel series of pain mentally and possession, then his decisions are cruelly and useless. Angry come from pain only.

    So reader, think my words. One family has one owner of family. Person has one father. This world is a family. The world has one father. This world is not a business for sharing by religions and untruth stones and retail gods. India is famous for useless idols. Actually, god wants love, not religions. To arrive to love of god, religions are not necessary. We know our father. But, more people don’t know the real god because of useless religions. Jesus died for us. He wants to save us from hell. He loves us forever.
    One surprise matter is, lovers are don’t care to religions in their love or select to girl friend and in marriage also. But, that guys and ladies are following to religions in life. So, selfness is there, nor responsible and love. Is it not stupidity? This world has struggle between good and evil. A set of secrets, responsibility and love are called world. What about this world? Life is valuable than money. That life (good) will help after death. I am not saying to philosophy, I am saying truth. Every person can go to heaven through Jesus (Christ) not by other religion gods. Christianity is not a religion. He died for us and for our ancestors. But, we are doing sins till now with selfness and misunderstanding. Pray is power. Jesus can help you in your suffer. World ending is near. Take care. World ending is not in 2012. Don’t worry.
God bless you children.


Science is not God

Of course, hell and heaven are in every life. But, they are express to future incidents only. Real hell and heavens are waiting for us because of our life. Choose the right decision. Science can’t help to human.

For example,

    This world got more danger incidents (like tsunami, earthquakes and cyclones) and more people are dead from some years. Science couldn’t help there. Science couldn’t help them. World is developing with science and also we are facing dangers till now also. So, there is not helping of useless science. Of course, science can help some problems and human protection, not in nature disasters and not in world ending. Life is very valuable. Fault persons will get tears and sinners will get death with blood. No one can change this truth.

Yesterday life is history, tomorrow is mystery
  But today is a gift. It is a gift of chance.
  Don’t forget and ignore it. God bless you.

    God bless you children.


Do You Love Your Father?

Do you love your father? Does your father love you? Important relationships are between parents and children. Sometimes, nobody can help you in your suffer. Parents can’t leave you in your suffer. If necessary, they want to bear your suffer. That is the love of parents. Sometimes, may be faults in parent’s activity. Not in no faults in their love on you.

    Like parents, jesus will love you forever for your protection. He is like father, like mother and like a teacher to give protection from pains. This world has sons of jesus (God), not belongs to religions. He died for us for our life. Why, we are leaving him? I am not saying about religion. I mean, it is not a religion.

    Mirror has a specialty. We can see our spirit in mirror. If the mirror has broken, we can fix with another mirror. Like that, if the heart has broken, we can’t fix it. Am I right?  When we switch on the light in house, we can see the light focus. While we decided that lighting is the true. But, the lighting can’t spread and cover whole world. Darkness is also there after lighting. That dark is waiting for us and having evil spirits. So, don’t ignore to life. World ending is near. Take care yourself. It is important

    Pray is a weapon. Pray with your heart to jesus. He must help you. Protection is in him. He died for us, don’t forget it. Don’t believe to evil number ‘666’ and don’t past on your forehead and also on any part of body. Otherwise, that person will go to hell.

    God bless you children.



         When you do something good something to help another, you should feel good, this is your reward. This should be enough when you do something bad, something that hurts another, you should feel bad. This is your punishment; this should be enough when you do something good something to help another only to build yourself up To others, you should feel ashamed. If you ignore your conscience in time it won't bother you.  Your conscience creates the center of your soul. You can do without it. However your soul becomes like a car with no steering wheel stuck Driving in circles your existence will stagnate

In today time we have gone back to many gods. This is the result of humankind’s ego one group of people wanting to have their own special god a god who shows favor to their beliefs and ceremonies. All these groups call the name of god This name god has once again come to have many meanings Do not fear god here them one and all Know this god shows no favor god sees humankind as one Creation as one creation we will all eventually understand For now we are but children arguing over a toy god has time You make a connection to god there is no need to pray for every thought is a prayer in itself. That mean, pray is in your heart. It is a powerful protection.

Do you think you need to tell god about your troubles?
Do you think he doesn't know?
God does not intervene in our everyday lives
God waits as a parent, waiting for a child to take their first steps. To understand god is to understand life.

We want money, power, popularity, relationships, processions we want everything we can think of Young people want to be older they want the respect of age Old people want to be younger they miss the vitality of youth. It’s obvious we don’t know what we want in truth we just want lasting happiness so we waste our lives wanting one thing and then another until our life is almost over then finally in the end heaven and hell are words best used to describe the existence we create for ourselves the existence we must either enjoy or endure until we reach that point in time

God is not physical God is thought and being Spirit or soul
Not flesh and bone we are all the same we are one creation
We are all of god we are for Better or for worse Humanity
When ancients were cautioned about reproducing god’s image
They conceived it as don’t take my picture God is not black or white Man or woman God is as are we Soul Don’t honor empty idols, but the true creator of the heavens and the earth, who rules all humankind.



    Life is like a sea. World is like surface on sea. The real world is in under sea. So, find out to life like sea secrets. God creation is there and many strangers are there with secrets. The sea shore is show to life ending like heaven or hell with our good or bad life. So, don't think about metro life. You must think about real life. Death time is nearly to world. Human punishments are concerned to human sins. Not belongs to god. So, why insult to god in our problems. You know that is foolishness think. This nature is in god love.

    One family has one leader, one kingdom has one king and one man had one mind. So, the protector (Jesus) is one for this world. World is not business to administrate with untruth stones (gods) with religions. Jesus can save to your mind pains. Pray with your hands with your heart. Jesus can understand to your problem. If you believe to Jesus, he must save you from hell in future. He is like a friend to take care of you. World ending is nearly. Sinner must get punishments from Jesus. Jesus will come second time in world to give judgment to all. Are you ready to escape from hell because of your good ways in Jesus love?

    Good mind is a qualification to go heaven with god. It is not religion publicity. That mean it is not religion. So, take your own decision for your life and about your life. Your life is in your hands. God bless you Children. Time is very short.